CIO Boot Camp Panel - Cross Management Leadership


                                 Panel Cross Management Leadership Topics

                                                   June 26, 2013

                          Federal CIO Boot camp - National Defense University

Good morning. I am Stephen Galvan, a CIO SAGE with the Partnership for Public Service. I will be leading this panel of distinguished former federal executives. These panelist are going to provide insights and practical experience to address a number of issues. Participating in this panel, we have:

Anne Reed – former USDA Chief Information Officer

Rebecca Contereas – former Chief Human Capital Officer Treasury Department

Doug Criscitello – former Chief Financial Officer at HUD and SBA, and

Shirl Nelson – former Chief Procurement Executive at Commerce

Stephen Galvan - former SBA COO, Chief Information Officer and OMB Portfolio Manager

The subject of cross management leadership can address a number of items. For instance, we can address interaction and collaboration amongst the management team. Or we can address the management team working together on budgetary aspects, or we can address shared responsibilities, governance and oversight.

Some of the issues that exist from the CIO perspective to facilitate the aforementioned items are:

CIO as a business partner

CIO having a seat at the strategic table

CIO as service provider

CIO investment alignment and oversight

Often collaboration is considered an effective way to partner to get things accomplished. But is collaboration the only way to achieve results? What about cooperation? At a minimum, cooperation may only require not being a road block.

Whatever approach taken, cross management communication is key. By communication, I mean creating an awareness of an initiative throughout the agency. Galvan and Associates, LLC : A Small, 8(a) Disadvantaged Business :

Another topic along cross management is engagement, which improves execution. Initiatives need to be discussed, reviewed and measured amongst the management team in the various agency forums such as strategic planning, funding discussions and performance reviews.

Effective and actionable collaboration, communication and engagement require interaction and alignment from 3 key areas within the enterprise. They are:

Throughout the Headquarters

-   Across The Agency and

-   Both Ends of Pennsylvania Ave

"Throughout" the headquarters is the C-level management team of CAO, CHCO, CFO and CIO for starters but cross management should also engage across the Program Offices and Field operations. After all, it is about the mission and citizen delivery. It is important to also include the Front Office that include the Secretary’s office, Chief of Staff and other appointees which are key to getting things advanced and setting priorities.

Engaging "Both Ends of Pennsylvania Ave" encompasses the White House/OMB and Congress. This may be done on a day to day basis through the front office, department staff, or budget office, but be familiar with the priorities and communicate effectively.

There are many stakeholders. Governance is one way to formalize the cross management team, but I will say a critical success factor for the CIO to be a leader and enabler is engagement. They are the peer, the partner, and the enabler. The CIO budget is large part of an agencies’ operating budget. It requires accountably, transparency and support.

Since this is the CIO Boot camp, I will make a few points from the CIO perspective.

The CIO encompasses many aspects of mission delivery and requires management involvement. While the CIO authority comes from authorities, such as Clinger Cohen, eGov act as well as OMB memoranda, the effectiveness and acceptance of this authority will be based on leadership, partnering, understanding the mission communication and planning.

Now let's hear from each of our panel members and followed by questions and discussion.