Karl Brimmer

Karl Brimmer      Senior Consultant (DHS, DOT, DOC, SBA, FCC, USPS, Sprint)

Karl has extensive experience working with senior agency officials to improve government operations as a manager and as a consultant.  At the FCC, Karl ensured appropriate program management and budgeting. He reviewed and evaluated all major actions, including rulemaking, taken by the Commission.  He reduced agency personnel by 14%; and increased licensing productivity over 50%; and reduced burden hours on the public by 67%. The Wall Street Journal reported that “the FCC did more than perhaps any other federal agency or department, peeling away layers of regulation that hamstrung the communications industry.”

At the SBA, Karl specialized in improving agency operations. He established new tracking, reporting and modeling processes that resulted in elimination of unprecedented backlogs of disaster loan applications; resulted in increased operational efficiency in the 8(a) program and loan service centers; and reduced the need for field operations personnel.  Using advance statistical techniques and software, Karl established comprehensive means of evaluating lender performance for all SBA lending programs.

At USCIS, Karl brought in advanced analytics software that he used to develop means of detecting employer fraud and discrimination in the use of E-Verify and he also developed means of measuring the effectiveness of compliance operations. In addition, Karl headed the Program Executive Office and initiated the move of a contractor owned contractor operated data center to a government data center.

On a detail to the DOT, he led the regulatory reform effort for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration (PHMSA), which led the department in regulatory reform. Karl also initiated exploring the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect overlapping and conflicting rules and regulations.

Karl earned a Master of Arts in Mathematics from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Georgia Southern University. Karl has done extensive graduate study of engineering and statistics at the University of Florida and George Washington University.