Tom Dumaresq Bio

Tom Dumaresq - Executive Management Advisor (CFO, Administration)

Tom Dumaresq is a former federal agency Chief Financial Officer. Tom has over 32 years experience as a career federal employee including 26 years as a manager and 15 years as a Senior Executive. He served  in several senior positions including Director of the Office of Administration/Acquisition Executive for over 10 years.

At SBA, he was directly responsible for  managing several large federal programs including the loan portfolio valued at $75 billion. Tom is thoroughly familiar with federal operations related to financial management, procurement, and grants management, and administrative operations. Tom worked closely with the CIO to align the IT investments with agency performance plan and prioritizing the portfolio of IT investments.

Tom received the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award in 2001 and the Presidential Distinguished Award in 2005 for career achievement.

Tom has a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY  and an MBA in Management from Hofstra University, Hemptsead, NY.